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          “An hour is not merely an hour, it is a vase full of scents and sounds and projects and climates, and what we call reality is a certain connection between these immediate sensations and the memories which envelope us simultaneously with them” In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust Look that is me, it was me, it is not me anymore.
          What I think it was me is just my imagination, the reality of the past me is all that I was connected with in that moment. I'm the text about myself even now... All that remained are my thoughts about that moment of past. Empty words are coming to fill the empty spaces left by the lost connections from that moment. We have special formulas for this kind of situations like “I don't remember exactly but...”.
          The black and white photos contain a part of this formulas, I collected the expressions from conversations with friends.
No historical gesture- B/W photos 2015
"Almost nothing happened " B/W photo series 2015

The video "No historical gesture" was part of the installation. While you could stay on the couch  you could also watch an almost still video, a moment felt like forever, I had a car accident. I was trying to understand what happened. Breathing, only breathing. No important gestures, not what you could expect, just a lot of freezing. "Or something of this kind, I don't remember exactly ...", the blanket, if you feel cold you can cover yourself with it.

No historical gesture - installation view 2015
"No historical gesture" installation view
(photo gallery)
Almost nothing happend - exhibition opening 03.04. 2015
opening of the exhibition:
Kinema Ikon: Serial Season 2 Episode 4 / 2015 Art Museum Arad
Diana Marincu // Nita Mocanu / Levente Kozma: Almost nothing happend

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